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Los Angeles, CA (LAX)   to   Beijing, China (BJS)   Roundtrip

▼SEP $1,142 Sep 30Nov 17481Saudi Arabian Search
▼OCT $1,006 Oct 28Feb 161111Saudi Arabian Search
▼NOV $1,029 Nov 14Nov 26121Philippine Air Search
▼DEC $1,352 Dec 30Jan 12131Saudi Arabian Search
▼JAN $951 Jan 27Mar 22551Saudi Arabian Search
▼FEB $934 Feb 24Mar 8131Saudi Arabian Search
▼MAR $934 Mar 9Mar 22131Saudi Arabian Search
▼APR $1,029 Apr 3Jun 5631Philippine Air Search
▼MAY $1,149 May 21Jun 10201Philippine Air Search
▼JUN $1,519 Jun 16Jul 5191Philippine Air Search

All tax and service fee included.

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