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San Francisco, CA (SFO)   to   Hong Kong (HKG)   Roundtrip

▼SEP $1,140 Sep 29Feb 271511Eva Airways Search
▼OCT $1,080 Oct 23Dec 7451Philippine Air Search
▼NOV $1,010 Nov 29Feb 27901Turkish Airline Search
▼DEC $1,050 Dec 1Jan 18481Turkish Airline Search
▼JAN $1,010 Jan 17Feb 22361Turkish Airline Search
▼FEB $940 Feb 25May 5701Philippine Air Search
▼MAR $940 Mar 4Mar 25211Philippine Air Search
▼MAY $940 May 5May 1381Philippine Air Search
▼JUN $1,490 Jun 2Jul 3311Philippine Air Search
▼JUL $1,523 Jul 5Jul 27221Asiana Search

All tax and service fee included.

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